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    • Oakes Wise beer (Weiss beer)

      This is a superb classic Weiss. A wheat malt base with full banana and clove spicy notes. Cloudy in its youth on tap, yet crystal clear in bottles. It’s called the two tone beer and covers both styles of Weiss. Best served ice cold for breakfast!...

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    • R160.00

      The American Pale Ale

      Made the Oakes way. Classic American style with a hopsy grapefruit finish, three imported malts giving off a caramel biscuit note and two hops, which make it a full bodied ale....

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    • The Butt Stout

      The OAKES flagship beer, full bodied with coffee and dark cocoa tones on nose and palate. The name stems from the days when stout was Butt and men drank real dark beer. Best served from the keg, it spurns a magical head and a haunting aroma of cold Ugandan espresso. The beer will in future be made using malt from roasted from OAKES roastery, making this unique to the stout that South Africa knows today. Adding to their bragging rights is a coffee roastery called Oakes Brewhouse roastery. It’s also owned by Blom and Bailey and is a stone throw away from their brewery. It’s a fully fledged eatery specializing in light meals(mainly breakfast)...

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    • The Easy Blonde

      The Easy Blonde is an easy drinking Pilsner-style lager, unfiltered and left to age through a natural lagering process. There is a distinctive light maltiness carried to a dry bitter finish of citrus note....

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